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Meagan Voulo is a full-time marketing analyst, and part-time writer.

New Book Alert: Professional Student

Hi everyone! At the end of March, I decided to self-publish my first novel, Professional Student, on Amazon. It is available in ebook and paperback format, and the price for the ebook is pretty good right now — $0.99! I was really hoping that some of my followers could check out my book and share it with those who may be interested.

Here is the blurb:

When Elena Brooks finds her dream job as a Professional Student shortly after graduating from her Masters program, she believes her future is set. However, the Department of Learning has some secrets of its own. After discovering that…

What I learned from a year of intuitive eating

Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

As someone who struggled with anorexia since high school, I find it amazing that I can finally look back on my journey and call myself fully recovered. To be honest, I never thought I would get where I am today. It’s been a long and painful road — I had been in and out of inpatient, residential, and outpatient treatment for about 9 years before things finally clicked. I am proud to say that as of April 21, 2021, I am officially one year in full recovery from my Eating Disorder.

“What finally clicked?”

This was the question I had…

I am at an ocean beach, walking on the boardwalk

A boardwalk on the beach, leading from the sand, down to the ocean.
Photo by Todd DeSantis on Unsplash

My Journey

When I was in outpatient therapy for my Eating Disorder, my anxiety was through the roof most of the time. One exercise that really helped me through my panic attacks, was “Safe Place.” This article introduces the activity and is followed by my creation of my safe place.

Instructions: Describe your safe place — it can be a real place or imaginary. Anyone can be present with you. All that matters is you feel safe in that environment and you can take yourself there when you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Meagan’s Safe Place

I am at an…

My first instinct was to distract myself by filling every second of the day with an activity

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

It’s common for people who struggle with an eating disorder or other mental health problems to want to keep busy. In my own experience, I’ve found that having too much down time can make my negative thoughts run on overdrive. When I have nothing to do, I obsess about everything negative going on in my life, be that weight, calories, and exercise, problems at work, or interpersonal conflicts.

When those thoughts get to be too much, my first instinct was always to distract myself by filling every second of the day with an activity. It started out with just taking…

For Mental Health Awareness Month

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

May is Mental Health Awareness month, and because of that, I chose to write about a data science project related to mental health. This tutorial will go through the process of analyzing Google Trends data related to Eating Disorders.

Connecting to Pytrends

The first step in this analysis is to install the appropriate packages. In this case, we need pytrends, which is the connection to Google Trends data.

!pip install pytrends

Next, we must import that pandas library to allow us to work with the dataframes. Then, we initiate a pytrend function.

import pandas as pdfrom pytrends.request import TrendReqpytrend = TrendReq()

Part 2

Roman Noodle, the star of the show!

Mommy looks happier today. I think it’s because the sun is out. Mommy loves the sun. She woke up pretty early this morning and she started reading, and playing with her color block, and she was on the computer too. I just laid in our bed and relaxed. We played some music and she also put the TV on with her favorite movie — Harry Potter. I think I’m a Harry Potter nerd like Mommy. I like watching the witches and wizards cast the spells and I really like the big hairy guy that helps Harry. Harry Potter was on…

Part Three

Roman Noodle, waiting for his Mommy

Day 11

Mommy was on the phone a lot today.

“Mom? Is it grandpa?” Mommy said nervously. I could tell she was having her anxiety because her hands were shaking and her eyes were wide. She was scared, but I didn’t know why.

Mommy has been talking about her grandpa a lot lately. She talks about going to the hospital and I heard her say something about “hospice” a few times. I’m not sure what that is, but I don’t think it’s good, because when Mommy talks about it, her eyes get teary.

I don’t like it when Mommy cries…

Wilmington, NY Waterfall (photo by author)

Love yourself
Instead of hating
Faults and flaws
Embrace them.
I can see all the good in others.
She can see the good in me.
Always comparing ourselves to others.
No way to live –
It’s a slow death.
Never break yourself down
For fear of what others may think
I know that deep down inside
No one knows better
I believe
The compassion you share
Every day
Just makes someone’s life worth living.
Everyone needs someone.
So don’t give up today.
Today could be the day you succeed.
Whether you believe it now or not.
Every day is a new opportunity to
Make your dreams come true
And may you be strong
You are strong
Never let anyone tell you
Today is the day to…

Roman Noodle taking a nap on the couch

Surviving the Pandemic as a Dog


I know lots of the humans are upset they’re stuck inside — I hear the talk on the news when Mommy watches it on the big box in the morning. The big guy with the hair is always talking about making America great again and how he’s going to fix things, but Mommy laughs at him.

“He has no idea what he’s talking about,” she explained to me.

She’s not sad though, because she has me. And I’m happy, because I have her all day!

The rest of this story is my mental…


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